credit card / debit card only machine in new laundry room=high fraud possibility

i see a big security/identity theft, credit card  fraud with this new laundry room that does not take cash in exchange for a laundry card. 
This new machine  at 1 Hawley Terrace only takes credit cards/debit cards. You dip the card into the machine, who knows who and how many people  have access to the numbers and what precautions are taken concerning  access to these numbers.  If you believe their answers  without a credit card fraud experts testimony, you probably believe  the managing agent when they tell you the incinerator chutes”cannot” be enlarged, or that the doors on the stairwells cannot be stopped from slamming shut . That list of credit card numbers, matched with the buildings address could be easily sold. I would never use a non-bank ATM because of fraud problems. Here the whole building is being put in cc fraud jeopardy . I asked Chase Bank on Astor Place about this yesterday, the three people at the desk agreed with me and have never heard of a machine like this. I already changed my credit card number, i dipped it once, and realized afterwards how crazy this is. My credit card issuer also agreed with me.
 This is the work of your  board and managing company.  To think that John Holzinger, the owner of the managing company is on the board of directors of  The Westchester Bank. This is the same man who refused to speak to me about the $27k zero drop budget error and a number of fiduciary and inside dealings that I  documented by a number of the board members and president / vice president of this co-op.