cooperative apartment update, forum needed for shareowners-35 plus years and no shareowner forum?

There are no cooperative apartment shareowner forums that are active that i know of.  I believe this is due to the  shareowner not wanting to screw  themselves by broadcasting the problem and being unable to sell. This has enabled the problem to stay hidden in plain sight. I and many others have written New York Attorney Generals office for help in enforcing the financial transparency of the coop apartments, with zero assistance. I have only found two  resources for coop apartments, both mainly for boards,but their is still info there for shareholders. Each has published at least one of my questions. Same with the New York Times real estate section in their coop-condo Q&A, and all in their print editions. The  cooperator and the habitat magazine are the coop-condo monthly publications.
I have made a post on redditt to see if i can find any help there.

garage space assignment procedure has been bypassed

it really annoys me that the garage assignment parking procedure has not been followed and the shareholder went to the point of writing a letter to the board and the shareholder was still not given their rightful parking spot.
This just came to my attention last week or i would have acted on it sooner.
i am wondering how many other problems that people have had that were ignored or not properly resolved.
i know that the some of the new board members don’t know what the parking rules are, since the board members who have been in the building a long time seem to have kept it a secret from them or gave them false information.