i dropped a couple of these in the lobby

i have nothing against RCCY even though it may sound like i do, i used to drop off their pamphlets and post them in the lobby too. The more i got involved in the city and the more meetings i went to i realized what the deal was.

RCCY really does not serve our local community. They only appear when their views and values are affected at
David’s Lane. We never hear from them otherwise. There has been this huge hole in the ground across the street with steel plates and a missing sidewalk and poor lighting on the east side of the street. If they were a community group, involved in this area, these unsafe conditions would have been resolved.

I agree this area should be rezoned as low rise buildings, but this neighborhood, where we live, also needs to be changed, so if you are going to make any phone calls or write any letter to city council on this topic make sure you speak up for OUR neighborhood. RCCY is only addressing their loss of views. If that area is rezoned, we are still vulnerable.

Our neighborhood needs Harriman Avenue rezoned to low rise if it is high-rise now.