we really need to get some kind of alarm system in the garages

last night we went out for a walk around dusk and my walking companion noticed the warburton garage door was stuck open. They said it had been like that all afternoon . On the return from the walk around 8pm it was still wide open.
i was able to fix it and got it working correctly.
with all the problems in the neighborhood with car break ins having a garage door stuck open is bad news.
we pay $2083 a year for the garage door contract, Manny said the garage door people were notified of a problem with this warburton door last week.
i saw him this morning and he said last night after i called him he came down and he was able to get it to work, so he thought it was working again. hopefully what i did enabled it to work overnight,
if anyone sees it open call Manny or even call me if its before midnight. I’d rather help try and get it closed and show you what i did, then have an incident.