annual meeting minutes and accounting error

i had faxed rich p at B&H and followed up and spoke to him about the shareholders not receiving the 2008 annual meeting minutes.
looking at the minutes, i wouldn’t call the accounting error a clerical error, this error caused over 8% of the proposed operating budget about $27,000 to be missing.
i also have to wonder how bad our bookkeeping is that when a $27,000 mistake like this is made, it was quietly absorbed.
think about it .
i also believe the minutes are out of order, the voting for co-op officers was done first, before the proverbial “cat was let out of the bag” before the president let the shareholders know about the $27,000 budget mistake. the meeting was held June of 2008. When was the $27,000 mistake discovered? When did the co-op board president notify the board members? The shareholders were notified at the ’08 annual meeting, the board members i spoke to were notified about 5 days before the annual meeting. The ex treasure never knew because he wasn’t at the annual meeting. one of the reasons that i pushed for the release of the annual meeting minutes was that i realized that the shareholders that didn’t attend the meeting still didn’t know about this accounting mistake.
the co-op president refusal to share the info in a timely manner with his board of directors and the shareholders may fall into a legal area.
the election itself should not stand and should not be valid,
if the share holders knew about the mistakes that were being made and being kept secret from the other board members, and the shareholders knew about the extra illegal upper level parking space the board president had fixed, i think the tipping point would have been reached way back then.
Action would have been taken back then to get a team together to run an election against these people that are on the board to get illegal extra parking spaces for their family members.
we would have put together a team to get rid of the board members that have no opinions and probably agree to everything June proposes since June illegally bypassed the next shareholder resident on the garage list for this non resident board member that hadn’t closed on their apartment yet. yet another self serving board member who should get out while they can.
i was ticked off when the first assessment for the roof waterproofing was announced, that in my opinion was nothing but pure negligence on behalf of the managing agent, however if your board doesn’t open their mouth and raise a peep there is nothing you can do.
this accounting error is the tipping point though, the error just keeps on growing, we have the silence on the error, the lack of minutes , the non release of error until after the election…