1077 Warburton Ave collapse/cave in on agenda tonight

Subject: Municipal Operations/Community Services Committee Meeting/ re:1077 Warburton Ave.

Please be advised that a joint Municipal Operations/Community Services Committee Meeting has been scheduled for Wed. Feb. 6, 2008 at 7:30pm or immediately following the scheduled 7pm Budget Committee Meeting in the City Council Conference Room # 407, 4th floor, City Hall (40 South Broadway).

Item of discussion:

  1. 1077 Warburton Ave. copy of this memo the Administration is requested to ask a representative from Engineering, and Building & Housing Departments to attend the meeting.


Metro-North Greystone schedule changed to 21 minutes after hour for three midday trains

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metro-north southbound weekday times schedule change1030,1121,1221,121,226. 5 minutes earlier for three trains. i don’ t know how long it has been this way but it was news to me.

1077Warburton ave development foundation pilings cave in, shifting foundation of adjacant private house

i haven’t seen this covered in the newspapers yet, i heard it was on the cable news. Yesterday Sunday at around 1145 am the Yonkers fire department responded to the area of Odell and Warburton. the project is called 1077 Warburton, it is listed as 71 residential units. Walking up from the Greystone train last night at around 730 pm i could See the metal plate that had been pile drive in for the foundation on the south side of the pit has shifted. The metal plates had changed from 90 degree to about 45 degrees; i guess the house stopped them from totally falling and the bottoms from popping out of the ground. Photo below

This is the second reported cave in at this site, i believe at least one construction worked was killed here at the last cave in.

I noticed the builders were just starting to put up walls on the western riverside of the building. Hopefully a independent agency will survey all the sites in this area.

If the retaining walls are caving in and falling down before the walls are up, you know that is not a good sign.

This whole neighborhood has been drastically affected by the building of the facility below St Johns Riverside hospital, the nursing home place, Michael Malotz Skilled Nursing Pavillion 120 Odell Avenue Yonkers, the water drainage onto Odell area has been drastically affected since that building went up. i have lived in the area for about 28 years and i have never seen the flooding that we experience after all these rainfalls.

the landslide caused by the construction about 1000 yards north broke the 48 inch sewage line and flooded the area with the biggest recorded sewage spill, 7 to 8 million gallon, much of it into the Hudson ,the rest permanently deposited in the wetlands next to 1085 Warburton.


alexander street brownfield project law=no condo’s no private dwellings, no co-ops? all rentals, could be low end

the use of brownfied funds is very specific in the type of residences that are allowed to be constructed.

contrary to the spin put out by the developers and proponents that this is a high end housing plan for a blighted area of Yonkers’s, Brownfield monies cant be used for private dwellings, condo’s and most likely co-ops. so this project will be rentals only, the housing market is in a huge decline.
Yonkers resident will remember prior history with Philips towers on riverdale, promoted as a premiere living experience, the apartment complex was going to be the best in the area . the market dumped and the place went from premier living apartment to crap

Jan 22, 2008 Westchester releases plan 2025, Yonkers waterfront developers still in opposite land

Westchester Plan 2025

Westchester county just released Plan 2025 last week, to its credit it talks of traffic calming , alternative transportation models including building bicycles into the system and transit oriented new developments.

The DGEIS for the Alexander street master plan is in opposite land

No traffic calming and lack of transit oriented design. 7000 parking spaces proposed for Alexandar street waterfront .

There is no long term plans to add additional public transportation to serve this new community of over 10,000 people within a square mile. Metro north serves the waterfront only. Many of the east west streets near Alexander Master plan are correctly named terraces, they are narrow and very windy and hilly. A full size bus could not navigate them in their current configuration. The traffic generated by these plans will gridlock the neighborhoods. The DGEIS plan calls for the building of an additional 7000 private parking spaces next to the waterfront and train stations. This is 150% larger than Yonkers Raceway . Contrary to the political talking heads, spin that Westchester has great bus service and will change their lines to accommodate the residents, the bus service and public transit in Yonkers is severely lacking. The Yonkers train station is the Main transit hub and only a few buses go by there. Majority of the Yonkers buses used to stop there, it was deemed unsightly to have buses waiting near the train station. Now the train patrons have to walk blocks to get their proper bus. I noticed at the Riverdale station there is always a bus waiting at the station to ferry the commuters from each train. There should be an in place shuttle system between all these Yonkers developments from the Yonkers City Pier, Gateway(chicken island), Alexander street and Ridge Hill to reduce the need for cars and the vehicle impacts on the neighborhoods.

The shuttle should be in place now for the Larkin library patrons and other waterfront users, including the Xavier and Pierview restaurant users. The current practice of using public esplanade park space for these restaurants private parking and valet service is wrong on all accounts. Start a shuttle now to the waterfront, the cars should not be proceeding west of the railroad bridge. The current design of the scrimshaw houses that allows a driveway to go through public parkland is very wrong. Every year at Yonkers Riverfest this design error is magnified, people are enjoying themselves in what is supposed to be a pedestrian plaza/public space on the waterfront and the scrimshaw residents are driving though the festival, this is perilous to pedestrians and poor design.

Can metro-north accommodate more than 4000 commuters in three Yonkers stations?

The DGEIS for Alexander street states Metro-North can accommodate the new rider ship. Have they actually checked with Metro-North and asked how many new trains and new runs it would take to accommodate 4000 new commuters at two adjacent Yonkers stations on the Hudson line.

Metro-North addresses congestion pricing  today and how 3000 commuters will be easily absorbed over the large  area,  i am all for metro north, 3000 riders spread out over a large area i hope can be accommodated.

However, the current commuters that are standing the whole trip have their doubts.

what concern me is the large scale projects going up in Yonkers, Alexander street that will place 3750 residences next to the Glenwood and Yonkers train station, can metro north absorb the minimum 3500 extra commuters at two adjacent stations . The Glenwood and Yonkers train stations have just been updated. Many congestion-pricing articles state that metro-north is already overcrowded at rush hour. Within one mile of Alexander street urban renewal area are three buildings in construction near the Greystone station.  On the south east side near Larkin Plaza, chicken island, another large complex with a baseball stadium condo complex is planned. The one project that is going to be competed shortly, the Collins project,  which is adjacent to the Yonkers train station  will also add 300 commuters within the year. So more than 4000 extra metro north commuters within three adjacent stations in a 3 miles stretch on the Hudson line