Greystone neighborhood issues and suggested improvements

i wanted to start a page to hopefully get some community involvement in this neighborhood.

if not at least it will be a place i can post items, complaints and suggestions that i have brought to the attention to the city of Yonkers, bee line buses , metro-north and any other place i can contact to get improvement or assistance .

Using the term neighborhood is particular hard, since there really isn’t a neighborhood or community here in the Greystone area. Most of the building are autonomous onto themselves.

Maybe their buildings have the amenities that enables the residents to stay home and gives them a sense of community.

One problem is the only central gathering places are the train station and bus stops. Many of the commuters are drive ins so they don’t have a connection to the neighborhood. I guess the others just hope they will move out and on to bigger and better things, so did I, now i like Yonkers Greystone area due to the proximity to the train and city. My biggest complaint here is no community , it seems unless there is a chance of a view being blocked, no one has a concern or works to get together . Or more probable they have concerns but there is no place to voice them, to see if others have the same concern and want to work for a solution to local issues.

so since i cannot afford to move to Manhattan, to areas with established neighborhoods with a good sense of community i will have to try and make this area better, or move.

There are a lot of local gems in the area within a 15 minute walk, Lenoir preserve, unteymeyer park and the aqueduct are really great stress relievers. the river side walk on the train tracks is really nice and underutilized.

This week i have contacted city hall about the missing pedestrian in crosswalk sign and the speeding along Warburton avenue and the disregard for pedestrians in the crosswalk. The sign was a very good traffic calmer , people are more worried about scratching their car than killing a pedestrian. I proposed modern low cost traffic calming techniques that would solve the problems. Bollards at the southeast corner of odell and warburton would protect pedestrians and bus stop patrons from dangerous right turning vehicles. The sidewalk destruction on the corner is concrete evidence of the cars cutting the turn to close and driving on the sidewalk. raised crosswalks are another great low priced safety enhancements. the hump on the sidewalk causes an automatic speed slowing effects drivers are more concerned about bottoming out than hitting your kids. the usually hindrance to emergency vehicles should apply here, since the Yonkers’s fired district ends about 400 years north oh here so slowing for a hump is not going to lower response time by more than a couple seconds. Mo emergency vehicle should be taking the right turn up odell at any rate

of speed , way to dangerous for anyone coming down the hill, nothing to gain.

the bus stop shelter on the east side of warburton ave near odell over head lights have been out for awhile, i called beeline and also emailed twice to get that fixed as that is a dangerous situation for the people waiting for the bus or passing by on the dark sidewalk, it is ambush alley down there through the construction zone of 1077 warburton.

i dont know how the residents that live north of there have been dealing with this.

i contacted the city at the problem solver about the 2 or 3 green trash barrels that are out by the bus shelter. These trash cans are used for illegal dumping, someone fills them full of black plastic wrapped stuff every week. There is a one decorative black iron waste can, that is all that is needed for this area. Maybe there is a reward for information for the conviction of illegal dumping, might be away to pick up some extra bucks.

it took me over a month to get the light fixed at the top of the steps near the children’s playground, the one too many people think is their dog run., i will save that for another topic, i cant believe the mothers allow this to happen . But that is is going to be a full separate post light had been broken more than it has worked, hopefully it will last awhile this time. i sent in a complaint on street light w104 on warburton south of odell on the east side of the street, it sure is dark out there. The bad dog walkers probably like it since no one can catch them leaving the pooh behind. Dogs are great pick up after them , and keep them out of childen playgounds.

they should build a dog run down by the scenic look south of harriman ave , plenty of room and barking is far enough away to not bother anyone.


2 responses to “Greystone neighborhood issues and suggested improvements

  1. i am glad to see your blog. thinking about buying a condo in greystone. but heard that there’s landslide problem. just wonder how safe those buildings in the area are.

  2. The Ginsberg Development Corp is planning on erecting a solid waste transfer station next to the Metro North platform at the Greystone Station to accommodate 330 tenants in the new building he’s now putting up at 1133 Warburton Ave. called the River Tides rental apts. The Yonkers planning commission has given their blessing to this atrocity because Ginsberg left out a garbage solution in his plans. Yonkers will not allow newly constructed building to place their garbage on Warburton Ave anymore so this is their solution! PUT A GARBAGE DUMP ON YONKERS WETLANDS!!! This will bring a stench beyond belief from 330 tenants as it bakes in the hot summer sun. I guess to hell with train riders and Metro North who will not only have to suffer from the odor but also vermin and debris which will find its way on to the tracks and in the Hudson River.

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