steps that can be taken to reduce the oil dependency in the area

Gas prices are rising to $4 a gallon, No one in the state is taking the simple steps to facilitate the public that wish to lower their vehicle usage and carbon footprint but continue to enjoy the state parks.

Lets start with all the people that would be happy to take public transit to local hiking and recreation sites.

The two areas that I am familiar with are Harriman state park and Fahnestock winter park.

Fahnestock winter park is a very popular co ski area. The parking lot is filled with hundreds of cars from areas that are served by metro-north’s Hudson line. The problem is when the people get to Cold Springs there is no public transit to Fahnestock Winter Park. A shuttle bus from the train station to Fahnestock is really needed. The state should pick up this service and provide it as public service to get the public out of their cars and reduce the dependency on oil. Harriman state park is another area that could use a shuttle bus out of Cold Springs, the hiking trailhead parking lot are overflowing with cars there is public transit from NY City. However, the hikers and bicyclist from the metro north Hudson line could leave their cars home and take metro-north to cold spring and a shuttle over to Harriman state park with drops at trailheads along seven lake drive. The same shuttle bus could flow through to Sloatsburg train station to drop some hikers and bicyclist there, and turn around to make the return loop to Cold Springs. Buses with bicycle rack would facilitate the bicyclist that would normally drive up to Harriman from Westchester, this will get the seven lakes drives back to a scenic quiet park road and turn in v=back into a bike friendly road.



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