The scam and fraud of cooperative apartments in New York State=All due to the Albany corruption

NYS cooperative apartments are a scam and a fraud , all due to NYS attorney general’s office refusal to enforce or intervene in unlawful or illegal activity. we are talking criminal activity. The attorney general’s office has refused to intervene with . shareholders rights to financial transparency of their coop, telling them instead to hire a civil lawyer.
This refusal on all aspects of has result in 35 years of kickbacks,frauds, and embezzlement.
Sadly there are few people now a days that have the guts to step up and challenge corruption, It is an extreme sad state of affairs in NYS , where the Attorney General refuses to back up the lawful shareholder trying to stop fraud in its initial stage
Due to the AG and the Westchester county DA refusal to even make a phone call inquiry after written information concerning mortgage fraud is received.
The District attorneys and attorney generals office also make it incredible difficult for everybody, including the disabled to file a complaint.


First cooperator apartment scam after conversion “asbestos removal”

When the conversion process was completing in the 1980’s, the AG had the sponsor increase the reserve fund, or a fund with a similar purpose.

That was quickly spent down statewide on this elaborate asbestos cleanup operation that most people have forgotten about. The asbestos abatement people all seemed to be from Ecuador. I don’t know how they received all this specialized training, the price the coops paid was extreme. I am sure the price the workers were paid was pennies on the thousands.

It would be interesting to see where the asbestos workers are today, and how many were working under fake identification and immigration paperwork.

Why is the  NYS Governor allowing the Attorney General’s Office to not uphold the cooperative apartment state laws?

Is This More ALBANY graft?



co-op apartments in NY state= Zero protection by the AG and westchester DA for ALL violations of the co-op laws.

If you are buying a co-op, you are the one who should be interviewing and checking out the board members individual due diligence and involvement in the operation of the building.   If  there are seat warmers on the board , who really do nothing more than what they are told to do and have no idea of their duty to the shareholders. You do not want  board where items including contractors insurance are not properly checked by the board members , and instead left up to the managing company.

If the board is not a subscriber to, or doesn’t know of the 2 major magazines which inform the readers of  the recent legal cases, liability issues,  case law , and frauds and scams  and how to spot and avoid them, They are not a  proper board and most likely there is self dealing ,  fixed voting, and probably a whole lot worse.

The attorney general, who approved the conversion plan,  Westchester’s DA will not intervene  or get involved if there is mortgage fraud , Retaliation by board members, who have  fraudulent tickets  issued  and identity theft , both from info in the coop files.  This is because you stood up for newer shareholders  who were being skipped and the board pres and vice pres were assigning  parking spaces to their non share-holder  children , bypassing all waiting  shareholders, some waiting over 10 years.

A family of grifters  who in  full cahoots with the  management company assign the wife and daughter of  the  people running for the board as the election  official for 20 plus years. 

The vice president who never paid sublease fee’s for about 25 or 30 years= about $30 grand,  That is a educated guess since I have nor been allowed to see the finances , even though I should be and have attempted to multiple times.    Inspecting the finances is listed as one of my rights as a shareholder in the proprietary lease.

I have gained that knowledge by looking at ex board members  treasury reports, which list who is paying sublease fee’s.

So do a lot of home work, and talk to someone that has actually read the proprietary lease and by-laws , and keeps up on co-op law and scams by reading the cooperator and the habitat magazine, both available online for free.